Equity is Love in Action

Todd Ullah

EDforTech Corp
Chief Strategy Officer
San Diego

Dr. Todd has been a science teacher, a high school Principal, magnet school coordinator, District Director of Instructional Technology, and District Director of Science Education for the Los Angeles Unified School District. His energy is focused on advancing leadership and closing opportunity gaps in education opportunities around the world. He has a BS and MS in biological sciences. He received his doctorate at UCLA focusing on charter schools as systemic change where he helped form the first charter schools in Los Angeles. He has been recognized for school improvement, parent engagement, college readiness, science education, computer science, and technology efforts in his many years of public service. His work in building the LAUSD District Science Plan (DSP) and working with Industry Leaders in developing  content and professional learning is well recognized.  Most recently he is a coach and Chief Strategy Officer for EDforTech, teaches Leadership classes at the University of San Diego, and he is leading the EDforTech Alliance nonprofit to work closely with STEM+ Academy Directors to implement and maintain STEM academies at over 25 school districts across the US.

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