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Nicole Scott

San Marcos Middle School
Nicole Scott has a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Old Westbury and a masters’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. After earning her degrees, she immediately entered the world of teaching. She has devoted 24 years of experience in education, serving different roles as an ELA secondary level teacher (where she was honored in her current district as Teacher of the Year in 2016), a program coordinator, an ELD teacher on special assignment, as an assistant principal (for both middle and high school), and is currently serving as the principal of San Marcos Middle School in San Marcos, California. In her role as principal, it is her top priority that all her students walking through the front doors of San Marcos Middle School feel inspired and motivated. Her biggest goal- ensuring a learning environment that promotes a sense of belonging, collective efficacy, and the inherent belief that ALL MEANS ALL!! She truly believe that the vehicle to making those efforts attainable is through the power of mentorship. In the words of the late Rita Pierson, Every Kid Needs a Champion, negates the belief that “pulling oneself up by their bootstraps” is indeed fact. It is not only arrogant to think so, but insensitive to the actuality that some groups of people are born with the luxury of “a head start.” But, it is through the commitment, passion, and support of others to provide opportunities for leveling the playing field for those in need. This is why San Marcos Middle School values its Mentor Program and holds dear the principles that it stands for. As a woman of color, she grew up in an educational system that was not always understanding nor forgiving. As a child, she knew that the rules were unfair, but from a child’s perspective, her frustrations and words remained unheard. It wasn’t until I she became part of a system where she began to witness the immediate urgency of systemic change. In her aspirations as an equity leader, she believes that every child deserves to be in an educational setting where they are provided with high-quality aligned instruction needed to be college and career ready. Equity and access is more than a jargoned “feel good” term. It is part of the framework of social justice and a student’s civil right to be a part of an educational community where change agents work, stir “good trouble”, and thrive towards redesigning equitable and coherent systems in an effort to combat mediocrity for all.