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Keashonna Christopher

San Diego Unified School District
School Counselor
Keashonna Christopher, is a San Diego native and Mother of 4.

She has devoted decades of her life, immersed in the education field and through various humanitarian efforts. Within local underserved communities, Keashonna noticed the prevalence of unjust and inequitable experiences of children and families. She has taken initiative to drive related advocacy goals utilizing her expertise as a School Counselor.

Her thoughtful analysis has sparked serious conversations surrounding topics of educational equity, justice, reform, safe school environments for students and staff, and appropriate resources for families, women, and children in the U.S. and abroad. Keashonna has serviced other countries through various relief efforts in Haiti, Puerto Rico, Kenya and more.

She credits much of her successes to mentors who taught her the art of philanthropy. She met a special Mentor, William Jones, when he was in 6th grade. William was San Diego Council member (4th district) where she attended Kennedy Elementary School (now Porter Elementary). He founded a scholarship program for her entire 6th grade class which promised college scholarships for them if they graduated from high school and gained college admission. Valiantly, she persevered beyond traumas and teen pregnancy to complete goals and fulfill her assignment as an educational and international community leader. In 2020, she founded 2 scholarship programs with her children called: “I AM ME” and “TAKE A KNEE”. These scholarships help youth in Southeast San Diego realize their academic goals through social justice and inclusion.