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Dr. Shree Walker

Author, Educator, and Motivational Speaker
Society often thinks people are products of their environment. As a young woman growing up in a poverty-stricken single parent home, Dr. Shree Walker refused to be a victim of circumstance. Being the eldest of six children and the backbone of her family, she has been faced with many obstacles. Without any heroes to look to, she had to become her own. Dr. Walker was determined not live as a victim or a statistic. Dr. Walker is an author, educator and motivational speaker who will provide excellent professional development for life learners. She can relate to other survivors through the pain, the courage, the conquering and the reality that there is a life after the pain. Dr. Walker is sunshine in a hurricane and came to this planet to change the world.

Dr. Walker is the current Director of Special Education and Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) in Los Angeles County. She formerly served as the Director of Section 504 and Special Populations for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools in Nashville, Tennessee. She also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Belmont University and serves on the leadership committee for the Sexual Assault Center, Nashville Tennessee. Dr. Walker utilizes practical resolutions to support diverse learners and develops policies and procedures to ensure students have improved educational outcomes, educational stability, minimal disruptions and endless possibilities. She received a Doctorate of Curriculum and Instruction from Tennessee State University, Education Specialist of Administration and Supervision from Tennessee State University, a Master of Special Education from Lipscomb University and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Fisk University. Dr. Walker participated in a Public Education Leadership Project with Harvard University and published her first book, Resilient Walker (2018).

A focused, enthusiastic, accomplished, highly experienced educator with the proven ability to empower and inspire learners with outstanding skills in:
• Rapidly building rapport and trust with learners, colleagues, parents and community partners that promotes personal growth, self-confidence and continued learning
• Cultivating positive relationships with learners, organizations and external partners to create momentum towards desired outcomes
• Designing innovative leadership development models to educate stakeholders on best practices regarding trauma and compliance for all diverse learners

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