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One Goal: Make the Classroom a Better Place for You

Educators are at the core of everything we do. That’s why our goal is to empower you with tools, resources, and research so you can help every learner grow to their personal best. For more than 50 years, we’ve worked with you to develop educational solutions that:
  • Put insightful data into your hands
  • Help you tailor instruction to each learner’s needs
  • Save you time with evidence-based solutions proven to work

Our Values

“The truest measure of our success is not our bottom line but our impact on classrooms,” says CEO Rob Waldron. “This higher purpose fuels our growth, informs how we develop products, and defines our culture.”
At the core of this guiding principle, you’ll find our six simple yet powerful values.

Our History

Curriculum Associates was founded by four passionate educators with a mission to make classrooms better places for teachers and students. Since then, we’ve partnered with educators to develop instructional and diagnostic solutions like i‑Ready that support you as you help every learner grow to their personal best.
With these solutions, you’re able to:
  • Pinpoint student needs
  • Deliver personalized instruction
  • Leverage actionable, intuitive data
  • Understand and support every learner

Our Team

We’re committed to hiring mission-driven folks with a passion for education, so whether you’re an educator, engineer, or eager young professional, join our team. Together, we’ll make classrooms better places for educators and learners.

Our Commitments
  • Service Excellence
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
  • Conscious Capitalism

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