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Jessica Mathy

Assistant Principal of Special Programs
El Centro, CA

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Jessica Rose Mathy currently serves as the Assistant Principal of Special Programs for Central Union High School District. She oversees the At-Promise House (APH) program, which was developed this last school year (2021-2022) to provide intensive interventions and motivate success from incoming and reclassified Freshman who have fallen the furthest behind due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mandated online-learning, and other factors. 

She is currently working on her dissertation which focuses on how high school teachers describe the effectiveness of Professional Development (PD) in integrating Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in the post-COVID, in-person, general education classroom, for her Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership. 

Before the pandemic, Jessica was a high school Spanish teacher for almost 7 years, but now as an administrator her goal is to support teachers in supporting students’ social, emotional, behavioral, and academic well-being, the best they can, with whatever resources they need. 

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